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Whether it’s an emergency or just money to hold you over till payday we can get you the cash now! Getting a car title loan gives you the ability to get cash out of your vehicle. Within minutes we can tell you if you qualify for a car title loan. We are one of the largest car title loans company in Tustin, CA.

What are our customers saying about us? 

"To future clientele,

I am self-employed and due to the economy times were very hard on me. Business was very slow which affected my income greatly; I wasn’t able to pay for rent or buy groceries for my wife and kids. I was very stressed and scared because I did not know what to do!

I heard so many bad things about title loan companies like; they are money sharks, they will take your car if you are one day late, and that they are very insensitive.  Naturally I was very scared and hesitant to even consider a title loan. I had no choice but to call and see if I could get approved for a title loan because my credit was very bad! I searched online and found Wilshire Consumer Credit. Their name popped out at me because I remember hearing them on the radio and I saw a commercial on T.V. at one point. I filled out the online application and received a message saying that a loan officer will be contacting me shortly.

About twenty minutes after I received a call from a young man named Enrique stating that he was my loan officer from Wilshire Consumer Credit. I was very surprised with the fast call back!

I explained to him my story and he was very sympathetic. He explained to me that my car did not qualify because the whole sale value was low but I had a different option because I was a California resident. He told me I qualified for a secured loan. He explained that we would use my car as collateral and we can just get the deal done super fast. I was very happy to hear that he was still willing to help me even though I didn't think my car would qualify!

He explained everything in great detail and was very honest about the payments and APR. I was very pleased that he was not hiding anything from me. Although the APR was a high and scary number, he explained that there is no pre-payment penalty and that I would only be paying interest for as long as I had the loan open with Wilshire. This was great because I was intending to pay off the loan in 2 months anyways (which I did do).

After sending in all the documents and application to him my loan was processed right away. I got a call from a Claudia (my loan processor) to tell me that we could meet in their offices the same day. I was very surprised how fast they processed my loan! Sure enough that evening I signed the contract and had a check.

There may be money hungry companies out there but Wilshire Consumer is not one of them! My whole experience with Wilshire Consumer Credit was wonderful! They are very: honest, knowledgeable, understanding and professional when it comes to handling their clientele. I highly recommend going with Wilshire Consumer Credit for your financial loans. "

Kevin M. Tustin,  CA

BEST Service in California!

Car Title Loans in Tustin offer car title loans with service that's unmatched by any other title loan company in California. Our customers benefit from some of the most competitive rates in California because we don’t have hidden charges and no pre-payment penalties! We don’t need gimmicks to gain you as a customer; our superior customer service comes second to none. We can have cash in your hands in a quick and confidential manner.

When you choose Car Title Loans in Tustin, you can rest assured that you are doing business with a legitimate title loan lender not someone who will sell your information. 

We want you to be a satisfied customer!

We strive to make you a satisfied customer. We understand that there are other companies that you can do your car title loan with that is why we offer some of the most competitive rates, no pre-payment penalties and flexible terms.

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